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Business Angels Malta

Every high-growth startup needs an angel.

About Us

BAM is a not-for-profit association bringing together business angels and startups looking for investment. Members meet every month with the aim of co-investing in emerging startups, and to learn more about effective ways of  investing in emerging startups.

We provide:

  • Screening: A rigorous startup screening process and limited due diligence – to ensure quality deal flows
  • Pitching Events: Where pre-screened startups can present their opportunity directly to investors.
  • Syndicated Investments: Linking up investors to create syndicated investments. 
  • Training & Mentoring: For new business angels and startup founders
  • Networking Events: That  strengthen the local startup funding community.


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Are you an investor searching for promising high growth startups? Do you wish to co-invest with other investors and to learn more about investing?

BAM offers its members a platform to collaborate, share and analyse investment opportunities and avail themselves of common solid support on dealflow, on-the-ground market information, due diligence, valuations and tax relief.

BAM’s main purpose is to serve as a deal-flow facilitation network, providing a qualified deal flow to our member investors.



Seeking investment and want to be connected with experienced angel investors?

BAM is your gateway – connecting you to the best active angel investors – both in Malta, in Europe and across the globe. It gives you access to capital and much more.

Our angels contribute more than just cash to grow your startup – there is also the strategic leverage. Our typical member is a high net worth individual with vast industry experience and contacts that can help you leap to the next level.

We also provide pitching opportunities, training and networking events to meet investors and get your project funded.


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